High End Litigation

High End Litigation

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Litigation may be the last or the only resort to solve a problem. But once that route is taken, we must ensure that the end result is satisfactory to our Client.

Most business owners sooner or later have to deal with a dispute about a business relationship or conflict. In most cases, you can resolve this mutually with your counterparty. If that does not work, you can count on us to mediate or negotiate for you. However, there are situations where it appears inevitable to use a Court to resolve the dispute. Then, litigation must take place. To be right does not always mean to get justice. Being proved right is the result of a good litigation.

We have significant experience in both Corporate and Civil Litigation, as well as in Criminal Law, where we deal with high-profile cases, reaching our Supreme Court, where we have created the equivalent of ‘precedent in Law’.

A lawsuit is a major event with substantial consequences for all parties. Infante Legal will guide you through every step of the process. You will receive expert legal advice, a proposal for a solid strategy, and the best possible Court representation. Our litigation lawyers are also skilled in conducting cross-border proceedings and arbitration in international matters.