Nobody is fully excluded from conflict situations.

The mediator tries to reach a satisfactory solution with all parties involved, in such a way that parties are in control and are not dependent on a decision by the court, where there is always one losing side.

Mediation is useful if both parties have the will to resolve the conflict that has arisen. Experience shows that a solution is sometimes closer than is assumed by parties.

Why Mediation?

  • When it is desirable or important that the mutual relationship between parties remains good.
  • When it is important or even crucial that the solution is found on (very) short term.
  • When there is a (highly) confidential situation and therefor a need to discuss a solution in a trusted surrounding.

Both parties eventually come together under the guidance of our (impartial*) Mediator. The aim is to look for and to find a workable solution for both parties. Examples of opting for mediation are:

  • Business relationships e.g. disputes with partners, shareholders or other departments of the company
  • Conflict between private persons
  • Labour law conflicts
  • Real estate contracts
  • Project development
  • Rental law
  • Neighbour conflicts
  • Family law; divorce

If you need a solution to end or diffuse a conflict, other than a solution determined by a court of law, do not hesitate to contact one of mediation experts for a no-obligation consultation.

* Impartial when commissioned by both / all parties involved.